Completed Projects

Civil & Maintenance

Extension at M.O.D. building at Baith Al-Falaj for Ministry of Defense (Double storey) Maumir 48,000.000
Villa renovation for Mohsin Haider Darwish at Hail Darwish Ast 126,000.000
Post office extension and vehicle parking for 10 cars and civil work at flat at Khabail for Ministry of Post and Telegraph Ministry of Post 58,000.000
Brig. Said Al Mawali, villa at Shati Al Qurum Maumir 72,000.000
Mr. Moosa Al Wahaibi , villa at Shatti Al Qurum (Double Storey) Maumir 84,000.000
Cinema theatre at MAM M.O.D MECCO 142,000.000
Shopping complex at Mabellah for Brig, Suleiman Al Mamry MECCO 118,000.000
Strong room & Interior decoration for National Bank Of Oman in the Shopping Complex at Mabellah for Brig Suleiman AL Mamry, MECCO 60,000.000
LEXUS service station at Darsait Suhail and Saud Bahwan 91,000.000
Mr. Mona Al Harrasi, villa at North Ghubra Maumir 48,000.000
Mr. Abdul Khader Dahab, villa at Shatti Al Qurum Muhandsoon Al Arab 94,000.000
Igloo work at Shafa M.O.D C/O Abounabil M.O.D Abounabil 40,000.000
Said Al Nomani villa at Mawala C/o M.O.D Maumir 69,000.000
Post Box foundation from Muscat to Sohar Ministry of Post 42,000.000
H.E. Ahmed Mack villa site development and civil work at Qurum Darwish Ast 142,000.000
Qurum park internal road and bridge and civil work Municipality 44,000.000
Madinat Qaboos Post Office , Extension and Renovation work Ministry of Post 38,000.000
Azaiba beach park civil work, irrigation and wooden pergola Kerb stone and interlocks Municipality 45,000.000
H.E. Shihab Bin Tariq villa extension and main gate at Hail Darwish Ast 34,000.000
H.E. Shihab Bin Tariq Mosque at Hail Darwish Ast 114,000.000
Mosque at Ghala U.A.E. Embassy, Maumir 42,000.000
Extension building work at Flower mills at JABROO MECCO 84,000.000
2 Luxury Duplex Villa at Ghala Muamir 115,000.000
Luxury villa for M.O.D Elco 65,000.000
Private villa at Al- Khoud Muamir 55,000.000
Brig. Sulaim Jassassi villa renovation at Araqi Al Hashmi 120,000.000
Brig. Sulaim Jassassi villa at Ibri Al Hashmi 480,000.000
Road and Pipeline Works

Rip Rap Job at Qantab Road ( TARMAC ALAWI) W.S. Atkins 95,000.000
Road work at Bateen Khalid Bin Ahmed & Sons 86,800.000
Pipeline work from Ras Al-Hadd to Ras Al Jinz Larsen & Turbo Oman LLC 100,000.000
Carrefour Interchange work at Seeb – Carillon Alawi Parsons 860,000.000
Road works at Duqum with Arab Contractors NESPAK 100,000.000
Salalah Wastewater Collection and Conveyance System Galfar 285,000.000
Road Works at Rustaq Khalid Bin Ahmed & Sons 73,000.000
Road Works at Misfah Khalid bin Ahmed & Sons 300,000.000
Road works at Danq Khalid Bin Ahmed & Sons 263,000.000
Road Works at Mirbat NesPak 480,000.000
Telecommunication Works

Under ground Cable laying and connection works at Musanah Army Airport MOD 65,000.000
Under ground Cable Laying and connection works in Nizwa ROP Academy ROP 220,000.000
Nawras Telecommunication Project Phase I Ericsson 325,000.000
Nawras Telecommunication Project Phase II Ericsson 465,000.000
Nawras Telecommunication Project Phase III Ericsson 510,000.000
Nawras Telecommunication Project 3 G - 80 sites Ericsson 75,000.000
Nawras Telecommunication Project Phase IV - Under Execution Ericsson 605,000.000
Hotel Golden Oasis Nadan Engineering 600,000.000
Carrefour Interchange and civil works – Qurm – Carillon Alawi Parsons 1,500,000.000
Commercial building at Ma,abellah Kamal Ismail 796,000.000


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